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Introduction to Git & GitLab


  • Introduction to project management and version control
  • The structure of the Git repository
  • Hands-on: Basic git workflow:
    • git add, commit, status, log, diff, checkout
    • commit history
    • branching
    • tags
    • merging
  • Hands-on: Synchronizing Git and GitLab & basic collaborative work:
    • push your local repository to GitLab
    • clone a remote repository
    • fetch and pull from a remote repository
    • contribute without write access: fork a project
  • Walk-through GitLab + TONIC & BIDS-Template


To participate in the workshop you'll need to prepare some things prior to the workshop, see workshop instructions and download this folder. You need to have a university Marburg email account to be able to log-in in the university Marburg GitLab. If you don't have this yet, please contact me.

Workshop video

The presentation slides are available here.