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Follow-up Git


  • Git in MATLAB + advanced git commands: git revert, git reset, git stash
  • Git in R + advanced git command: git amend
  • How to write a paper with RMarkdown
  • Introduction to Visual Studio Code + advanced git command: git rebase


This workshop is conceptualized as short showcases of the topics mentioned above. However, you are very welcome to type along. For this, please follow the instructions given in this document.

Please note: For this workshop you have to know the basics in Git and GitLab. If you don’t know the basics yet, please go through this workshop prior to the Follow-up workshop. The goal of the follow-up workshop is to show you how to use Git from within other Apps. For an instruction of how to install Git and set up GitLab, please see the instructions for the introductory workshopmentioned above.

Workshop video

The presentation slides are available here.

The template for writing a paper with RMarkdown can be found in this repo.